Paramount Tall Club

a few stills from a short doc I’m working on about the Paramount Tall Club – yes, it’s a club of tall people


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A Life in Matchbooks

When I was a kid, growing up in Minnesota, my family and I took lots of trips out to Pennsylvania to visit my Grandparents on my Dad’s side, Grammy and Gramps.  I loved how different “Out East” (as we called it) felt from Minnesota.  Grammy and Gramps were both retired by that point, and the trips were filled with the fun of them doting on and spoiling me and my cousin Anna.  Like most things from that age, it all seems to have taken place in a vague and dreamy fun land.

There was one drawer in a bureau in their entryway that was overflowing with matchbooks from all over the place – they traveled quite a bit in their retirement years.  I always thought it was funny that they had bothered to keep these things around.

Gramps died while I was in high school, preceded by Grammy a few years earlier.  While we were going through their belongings, deciding what to keep and such, I came across their matchbook collection.  At that age, it wasn’t really my place to decide about who was keeping the bigger things, but I felt really strongly about holding onto the matchbooks.  I wasn’t as into old/vintage things back then, but it was all of a sudden really important to me to hang onto these artifacts that seemed so ephemeral and easily tossed out.

I like how they give a kind of sideways glimpse into Grammy and Gramps’ life.  They give off a feeling of idealized fanciness and relaxation that seems very much of a bygone era. They’re also really cool on a purely aesthetic level, each one doing different things with the same basic form by varying the materials, layout and illustrations to make something that could be inanimate and boring into an object that’s fun and interactive.

Here are a few of my favorites:



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Minnesota 2: The Legend Continues

More photos here from a recent trip to my home towns, the Twin Cities.  The main purpose of the trip was a visit to the Minnesota State Fair.  It was a huge part of my youth, but I hadn’t been in 10 years and the lack of Mini Donuts in my diet was killing me.

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After careful consideration and consulting my loved ones, I’ve decided to launch…a blog.  I know I’m kind of late to the game, but  I’ve been making a lot of pictures lately (the one above was taken by my g.f., Ellen Castleberry) and while a lot of them are part of larger projects, some don’t quite have a home yet and i think they need to breathe a bit, clear out the log jam, you know?

Eventually I’ll probably show some of my film/video and construction work here as well.  Drop me a line if you like, it’s always great to chat.

From a recent trip to my home town, Minneapolis:

Ellen in the Minnehaha Grotto

Mississippi Beach

Minnesota State Fair, Horse Barn


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